Is massaging the groin area necessary? Isn’t that considered as sensual massage?

If you are one of my male clients who opts for the 90mins holistic massage, you should have experienced being massage on your groin and adductor muscles and I often ask for consent before I massage. The feeling my clients received were often soreness and good pain rather than sensual.

An online blog article has stated that many people are living with pelvic pain in a daily occurrence. It is very unsettling for a patient to have undergone countless medical tests and procedures with no clear source of the pain identified. Do you have pelvic pain too?

Myofascial trigger points (TrPs) are one possible cause of pelvic pain. These trigger points are found in the adductor magnus, which are refer pain into the pelvic region. The adductor magnus is the largest muscle of the adductor group. It is tripartite, composed of three parts, an adductor minimus part, a middle part and an ischiocondylar or “hamstring” part. The fibers of the adductor minimus part run almost horizontal. The fibers of the middle part run at an angle and the fibers of the isciocondylar or third part, run vertical. Besides having three parts, the adductor magnus contains an opening, called hiatus.

The word hiatus originates from the latin term, hiare, to stand open. A hiatus is a normal opening in a membrane or other body structure. The adductor hiatus is an opening in the distal attachment of the adductor magnus muscle and is located just superior to the adductor tubercle of the femur. As the femoral artery and vein pass through the adductor hiatus, their names change to become the popliteal artery and vein.

There are two nerves innervate the adductor magnus muscle. The tibial part of the sciatic nerve supplies the ischiocondylar or “hamstring” part of the adductor magnus. This same nerve also innervates the hamstring muscles. The obturator nerve supplies the adductor minimus and middle parts of the adductor magnus.

Trigger points can form in the adductor magnus for numerous reasons from physical trauma, activities like hiking, slipping on a wet or icy surface that causes the persons legs to extremely abduct, or from many hours of sitting in a hip flexed position on a plane, in a car or while working at a desk, to name a few.

One of the trigger points in the adductor magnus muscle is located at the level of the mid thigh. It refers an essential pain zone into the medial thigh, starting below the inguinal ligament, into the pelvic region, running distally to the medial knee. Another trigger point in the adductor magnus muscle is located proximally. It refers internal pelvic pain. Patients may describe the pain as referring into organs such as the vagina, rectum or bladder.

In addition to adductor magnus, other muscles with documented trigger points that refer into the pelvic region include the obturator internus, piriformis and obliquus internus abdominis, coccygeus and levator ani.

Therefore, massaging the groin and the adductor muscles are part of the massage treatment for my clients, which is only available in my 90mins holistic massage. There are many different positions to massage these areas and I have my own style of doing it as long as inform and consent has been given to my clients. I hope this information help you to have better understanding of the benefits of my massage treatment and look forward to your visit for a massage session with me.

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I’ve added this YouTube link below, to share with you how therapists in other countries like Australia, work on the groin and pelvis bone area. The video provides you a good explanation and also shows how it’s treated.

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