Exclusive Service Package

Keep Calm and Relax. You will be taken care under my good hands.

This service package is exclusive for clients who have come for my service before. First-timer clients who have never tried my massage will not be available for them as they might not get used to my strength, techniques, and treatments. This exclusive session is created due to the demand of my existing clients who have regularly come and enjoyed my massage services as they have gained health and mental benefits from the session. Thus, I often receive existing clients requesting a longer session like a 2-hour session.

Dynamic Holistic Bodywork Massage Session (120mins) $160.00

The Dynamic Holistic Bodywork Massage Session is a combination of the 2 types of Holistic Bodywork with Deep Tissue Massage session, which covers the pelvic muscles, abdominal, chest, gluten maximus, in addition to the areas covered in the Regular Bodywork session. The session begins in a very relaxing and light strength for the client to go into a relaxed and calm state. Then the therapist will slowly progress the session to a higher intensity where the deep tissue massage is slowly integrated. Thereafter, the session will slowly progress back to the relaxing and light massage mode and complete the session, This allows clients to go back into relaxation and calm state at the end of the session. Thus, the session is called the “Dynamic” Holistic Bodywork Massage Session. Inform and consent are required before carrying out the session. Sometimes, therapist may use other massage techniques with the client’s consent.

The benefit of this session – Deep relaxation and calm is one of the immediate benefits of this massage session. This happens as massage triggers the release of endorphins – the chemicals (neurotransmitters) released from the brain, that produce feelings of well-being. The amount of stress hormones, such as adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine, is also decreased. Studies indicate that a high amount of stress hormones reduce the immune system. Deep tissue massage will ease the knots from stressed, overworked muscles and connective tissue (fascia) to alleviate immediate pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. It also promotes healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. It also benefits muscle and tissue health, deep tissue massage benefits your overall health by reducing blood pressure and improving lung function. For people who do exercise or physical training regularly, it helps muscles to relax, less stressed muscles will give you increased range of motion during your workouts. Your body will be far more efficient at building muscle and burning calories.

Details of this session

Working on your back first…. ( About 80mins)

You will first be told to lie on your stomach with a towel cover on your back and a portion of your upper legs. The therapist will warm up your body with a firm press. After that, the therapist uncovers one side of your body and begins massaging your calve and ankle with a light massage followed by a deep tissue massage. After which, the therapist moves on to work on your thighs and glutes. Then a long deep tissue effleurage is applied from your calves to your upper shoulder before massaging your lower back If necessary, the therapist may use his elbow to carry out deep tissue effleurage. Once the back is done, the therapist will work on your shoulder with the finger press on your shoulder blade, followed by a deep massage. The therapist will then move on to work on the other side of your body. After both sides are completed, another long deep tissues effleurage is applied from your upper shoulder to your calves each side at a time in combination with deep tissues massage on your back. The therapist will then raise your leg and massage your inner thigh and finger press on your inguinal ligament with the help of the gravity pull. Then the therapist will do some stretches on your hip joint by lifting your leg. If a patient has soreness or tension during the time, the therapist may provide some light touches to reduce that soreness and tense feeling. Then later, the therapist will move on to work on your other side. The therapist then moves to work on your back again starting from your lower back and slowly working towards your upper shoulder.

Once the back is done, the therapist will work on one side of your body first by asking you to bend your knee. The therapist will massage your glute muscles again with the use of the elbow to provide firm pressure. Then after, a few long deep strokes from your lower back to your upper back, followed by a back neck rub before moving over to work on your other side. The back session will end with stretching your lower back by asking you to lay on the sideway and your back. Instructions will be given to you to take a deep breath in and out while the therapist performs the movements.

Working on your front…. (About 40mins)

The therapist will ask you to turn over and lie flat on your back, and the therapist will cover you with a towel. The therapist will begin with a facial massage without oil follows by the neck with oil applied. After which the neck will be stretched and cool eye pads will be placed on your closing eyes before moving down to your feet. The therapist then starts working on your feet, and it will be simple foot reflexology to help your blood circulation and relieve your feet’ soreness. The therapist then slowly works his way up to your legs and thighs. Inform and consent to be given before the therapist can proceed to work on your inner thighs as this is a sensitive area. Usually, patients who have not received a massage in this area will feel tense and sore. The therapist will start with a few long moderate pressure strokes followed by the finger press. Finger press will carry out up to your inguinal ligament. At the end of each part of your body, the therapist will do some stretches on your joints to flush off any muscles spasm and bring in nutrients to your muscles. After that, the therapist will move to carry out finger press on your hands, forearms, and arms with a light oil applied. Shoulder joint press is used at the end of upper limbs massage together with some stretching movements. Then the therapist proceeds to work on your chest muscles and your abs. At the end of the session, a lower back stretch is carried out again for the clients.