New Look Treatment Room

Recently, closed my business for a week, to redecorate the treatment room as well as the bathroom. I have run my business on this premises for about 3 years and got many clients’ feedbacks that they find my premises clean and tidy. So I would like to maintain such standards and decided that is about time to give it a new fresh look.

At the same time, I also took the opportunity to attend a workshop to up-skill myself with new techniques, which focus on stretching. I have completed the workshop and will definitely apply these newly learned techniques to clients. I may also develop a new type of massage or service that mainly deal with stretching movements.

Whether you are a new or regular client, I hope you like and feel comfy with this new-look treatment room. Also will update you when I have developed a new type of massage or new services that work on body stretching to help increase your body’s range of motions.