Details of the sessions – Back Release Session

You will first be told to lie on your stomach with a towel cover on your back and a portion of your upper legs. The therapist will warm up your body with a firm press. After that, the therapist uncovers your legs and carry out a massage on your calves and ankles with deep tissue massage. After which, your legs will be covered back with the towel and your back be uncovered. The therapist then proceeds on massaging your lower back with finger press first then deep tissue effleurage. A deep tissue effleurage will also be applied on your upper back. If necessary, the therapist may use his elbow to carry out deep tissue effleurage. Once the back is done, the therapist will work on your shoulder with the finger press on your shoulder blade, followed by a deep massage. The therapist will do clapping on your back and legs with a towel covering on top of you. At the end of the back session, the therapist will be stretching your lower back by asking you to lay on the side way. Instruction will be given to you to take a deep breath in and out while the therapist performs the movements.

The therapist will ask you to turn over and lie flat on your back, and the therapist will cover you with a towel. The therapist then starts working on your feet, and it will be simple foot reflexology to help your blood circulation and relieve your feet soreness. The therapist then slowly work his way up to your legs and thighs. At the end of each part of your body, the therapist will do some stretches on your joints to flush off any muscles spasm and bring in nutrients to your muscles. After that, the therapist will move to carry out finger press on your hands, forearms and arms with a light oil applied. Shoulder joint press is used at the end of upper limbs massage together with some stretching movements.