I prefer to massage female with clothing and it is still an effective treatment.

Lately, I have been receiving numerous of calls from the same person, keep asking me to provide oil massage for his female partner. I chose not to do it and I am not against the gender, I am not quite comfortable with it that’s all. When I not comfortable massaging you, the whole treatment will be ruined and not be effective at all. Unless, I know my female client well and comfortable with each other like friends or frequently seen person. And I also will do for male clients who refer their wives or female friends to me.

Reason why I insist to massage female with clothing because I want to let them feel comfortable and safe. I had practiced on females before when I was giving free massage while practicing my massage techniques. Apart from getting feedback about my massage from them, I also asked about their comfortability to be massaged by a male therapist. Most of my female clients feel comfortable with me as they didn’t need to fully undress to receive the treatment and they can feel the effectiveness of the treatment with clothing. However, they still told me that they actually feel more comfy with females therapists even though most male therapists have the strength. And they are not looking for a strong press but a decent strength which female therapists can achieve it too. Another reason, why they prefer female therapists is because female know and feel about the female problems and the inconveniences than the male. I am not preventing female to come visit me for treatment but I would like to let female knows what’s the best for them.

Here the following site, I would like to share with you about the effectiveness of getting massage with clothing. The type of massage which the site has mentioned is similar to the massage I am providing.


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