Gratitude & Appreciation

We all know that the pandemic COVID-19 has impacted each of our lives in bad ways. Presumably, most people can manage with it but there are some people whose lives were heavily disrupted by it. Their lives might have been in a mess before the pandemic and the pandemic had just worsened their lives further. I didn’t expect being a health massage therapist can help some of these people.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my regular clients and also new regular clients told me how much they appreciate my services. They were very grateful that they found me. Not only did I help them to ease their body stiffness, muscles ache, soreness which are belonged to the physical well-being. I also help them to keep calm and peaceful for them to be themselves which benefits their mental and emotional well-being.

I am enjoying my work as a massage therapist, as it helps people to re-energies their well-being. All my clients receive the same quality of my services which they have paid for. For some clients with who I have or I am able to establish good friendly relationships, I tend to give more attention to them by customized the session to their needs within my limits, instead of my routine service packages. A typical client with who I establish good friendly relationships is one we can chat all things about lives with no judgmental and any embarrassments as what we talked about in the room remains in the room. I take clients’ privacy as very important and what we discuss in the room is confidential.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks those clients who have established good term relationships with me, to pay for my services, enjoy the quality of my services to them, and trust.

Lastly, I also look forward to welcoming new clients to come and pay a visit for my services which I believe will provide benefits to your well-being, if not the whole well-being, the physical part of well-being will definitely benefit from my service.

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