Finally Auckland COVID19- Alert Level 2 next Monday (31 August 2020)

Finally, Auckland will be moving to Alert level 2 on next Monday (31 August 2020) and I believe all Aucklanders are looking forward to that. It has been a long period of staying home and movements restriction, so next Monday will be the day that you are allow to have some freedom. It is hard to be staying at home especially if you are home alone. It is also hard if you are belong to the essential workers, busying helping the society to keep essential things on the move daily, protect and ensure NZ are safe from COVID19.

Maybe is time for you guys to treat yourself better and get pamper from next week onward, by coming to visit me for a session. I will ensure you that you will be in my good hands and get rejuvenate after the session with me. Though my service under COVID19 Level 2 is not the normal service, you can be sure that it still have the same effectiveness as my normal service. Never underestimate the “Power of Touch” if you are not aware of the power, you may read my previous blog which talked about the “Power of Touch”.

On the other hand, we will still need to continue doing our part, which is try to minimize physical distance, hand hygiene, wearing a face-mask if necessary and go for COVID19 test if you think you have the COVID19 symptoms. Be kind, be safe and be calm.

So come and visit me for a session by clicking “My location, Availability & Contact” for booking. I look forward to put my hands on you.

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