Come with an open mind and enter into “Zen” space with me.

I am not surprised people called up to inquire for my services even when I have written quite a details of my massage routine and techniques. Honestly, I will say my massage techniques and styles are more towards the Eastern Asia traditional style. Nevertheless, I would like people to come to my session with an open mind as you might find yourself a new massage experience.

“When you come with not much expectation, you often get surprised and positive result. If you come with a expectation, most of the time you felt disappointment or let down because your expectation is too high.” – ask yourself does that apply to you?

Make your expectation simple when booking a massage. You just need someone to massage you and why? because you need a massage! Isn’t that simple?

My own formulated touch techniques allows me to relieve your (good) pain, at the same time, allows me to go harder on your body to relieve your muscles tension. Most of my clients who came in first time, told me they felt “Zen” in space as is not pain or relieve and hard to describe, yet the overall was very good. I understand people often prefer Swedish or light touch massage, but in my opinion, it is not effective enough to ease your body tension, so is time for you to take the challenge and let me guide you to this new massage experience.

So come and arrange a session with me and let me massage you with my own unique styles.

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