What do I mean by the strength of my massage techniques (treatments) is moderate to hard?

Often people have queries about the basis of my unique massage technique and I always reply to them that it is a mixture of Asian-style deep tissue massage and sports massage with some light touches to ease the mind. The strength of the massage is moderate to hard, it is unlike the Swedish massage. Not surprisingly, most people prefer Swedish (Sensual) massage and have requested me if I can provide such service, and I kindly rejected them. I believe in strong deep tissue massage and also believe that it is far more beneficial to people’s well-being so decided to explain what do I mean by the strength of my massage techniques is moderate to hard and how these level of strength benefits their body.

The palm of my hand is what I used for my moderate strength massage techniques especially when I am performing the effleurage technique. Using my bodyweight I send the force to the surface area of the palm, which is evenly distributed, and push the pressure down into the area of the body that I working on. The area of the body that I mainly focus on is where the pressure points are located. So clients tend to feel tender but not hurt which I describe this tenderness as “good pain”. By working on these pressure points, it helps to promote healing conditions such as back pain, anxiety, recovery from injuries, and increase energy ‘Chi”. Only clients who have visited my service agreed with what I said as they have received the benefits. You may think that I am over-rating my service but I am not entirely here to promote my business. Rather I am trying to inform you that deep tissue massage has more benefits than Swedish massage and getting a “good pain” is the beginning of the healing process.

For my hard strength massage techniques, I am using my forearm or elbows to apply pressure on the pressure points. You might think it will definitely hurt you alot, and yes it will if you do not accept having “good pain” in the massage treatment or you have a very low pain tolerance. So areas such as hips, glutes, shoulders, and tight back muscles, the use of the elbow is the best choice as it allows me to go deeper into the muscle tension. Yes, when I did that to my clients who had stiff shoulders, they made an “OOOOOOooh” sound but once I released the pressure, they felt great and it was not because the tortures had ended, it was their muscles stiffness had gone. Those muscles stiffness also known as contracted muscles had been resolves and the muscles have restored a sense of freedom. The use of the elbow and forearm also allows me to keep my career longevity and also capable of working long hours sessions such as (Dynamic Holistic Bodywork Massage Session – 120mins).

Nevertheless, I can not deny that the strength of the massage techniques I used will not cause any injuries to my clients. The strength of my massage techniques can further injure clients if they have health condition problems such as bruises, sprained, arthritis, back problems, past injuries or surgeries, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, etc. Therefore, it is very important for me to ask my clients about their health conditions and request them to make their declaration of their health conditions by signing off the consent form every time they visit me for a massage session.

I hope after reading this post, you have better understanding the strength of my massage techniques and the benefits of deep tissues massage. If you still skeptical about the benefits of deep tissues massage, why don’t you come and book a session with me to give it a try. Of course, if you really just need to have a calm and peaceful relaxation time and have no physical stress or tension, I have to agree with you that Swedish massage fits you more.

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