DIY Back Stretching

The latest Omicron outbreak in NZ has caused significant impact on our lives. Thankfully, most of us are vaccinated which help to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we are safe after vaccinated and boosted. We still need to be cautious on our daily health. Hence, it is understandable that some people might not feel the situation is safe enough for them to receive massage. Following information, is something that I found really very useful for everyone, who need massage for their back ache but not feeling safe to have massage at the moment.

All you need is a good strong door frame to carry out this back stretching exercise. This exercise helps you to unlock your full back in seconds!

Below is the YouTube clip that show how you can do this exercise and demonstrated by Dr. Michael Rowe, a Chiropractic from Michigan, U.S.

I hope this exercise helps to relieve some of your back aches that you are having at the moment. On the other hands, I am always available to provide my massage service for you whenever you are ready to do so. I await you!

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