New Prices for My Services from June 2022 onwards

Everyone in NZ is aware that the cost of living is rising. The cost of living has grown by 5.2% for the average household within a year. Everything is rising: groceries, a coffee at the local cafe, a burger at the wee pub down the road ($21), car service at the local garage, a haircut, etc. This increase has affected not only spenders’ finance but also businesses, to cut it short, everyone is affected.

I have been running my massage business since 2018 and the prices for my massage services have not increased throughout the years. Now the cost of everything has increased so I have to increase the prices for my services in June this year (2022).

Following below are the new prices for my services:

  • Relaxing Calmness (60mins) – $80 $90
  • Back Release (60mins) – $80 $90
  • Fully Unwind (90mins) – $120 $130
  • Full Back Release (90mins) – $120 $130
  • * Dynamic Holistic Bodywork (120mins) – $150 $160

* This 120mins session is exclusive for clients who have come for my service before.

I will update my website again in June 2022 for the new pricing so clients are clearly informed. I hope for your understanding and will continue to keep up my utmost services to you. Thank you.

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