Taking a break in October

Thank you for your continuing and kind support for my business. I hope my massage practice has been a positive experience and provided benefits to your well-being. My business has been good and steady since I reopened in April this year. If you are one of my regular clients, you would have noticed I didn’t fix a specific day off. Last 2 years and beginning of this year, the pandemic had caused me to close for couple of months, which led me to have some loss of incomes. Therefore, this year I’m trying to make up the losses by being open for business 7 days a week.

However, family is always in my top priority and I believe most of you place family first as well. I haven’t visited my home country to see family for about 3 years, since the pandemic began. So given that the travel restrictions have been relaxed now, I have decided to take a few weeks break in October to see my family. Once I’m back from my trip and I will do my own self-isolation, before I reopen my massage practice. This is to ensure my clients are safe and protected when they come for treatments. My business will resume in November and I am looking forward to seeing you again after that.

Stay Safe, healthy and be kind 🙏

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