Covid-19 Update 13.09.22

NZ government has announced to remove the Covid-19 Protection Framework, or traffic light system, end from 11.59pm yesterday (12 September 2022). We will no longer be required by Government to wear a mask anywhere except in healthcare settings like hospitals, GPs, pharmacies, and aged residential care facilities. Some places, such as workplaces, special events or Marae, they may ask you to wear a mask. This will be at their discretion but no longer a Government requirement. Having said that masks are still an effective tool for reducing the spread of COVID and other respiratory illnesses.

My massage practice is categorised as non-medical massage under NZ MBIE. A medical massage focuses on medical needs of a client, such as a client who has received cancer treatments, will be referred by the Oncologist specialist for manual lymphatic drainage (specialised massage) for lymphoedema. In contrast, my practice in general is focusing on maintaining and improving clients well being and occasionally modifying my techniques to clients health/medical needs. Therefore, my place is not considered as healthcare settings premises and the mask requirements in my premises will be up to my discretion.

For the past few months staying in the Covid-19 Protection Framework, I’ve been working with my face-mask on and also made modifications to most of my sessions that I offered. These modifications were made so that clients can receive my treatments comfortably without wearing a face-mask and a safe minimum distance was maintain. Given that now the mask requirements will be up to individual businesses and organisations discretion. Below are the new changes I have decided to make starting today:

  • All the massage sessions as stated on my site are offered without any modification unless clients preferred to do so.
  • Therapist will continue to wear the face-mask.
  • Wearing a face-mask will continue be an option for clients and they are encouraging to do so.
  • Covid-19 screening questionnaire is still required for clients to fill up.
  • Will not take any clients who have travelled overseas in the last 28 14 days at the moment.

I hope you find well with the above changes. I look forward to your continuing patronage .

Thank you and stay safe.

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